Analogue Ruins Returning Soon!

Hello, seekers dear! The title gives the news away. On the one hand, I worry that two months will seem too short given the dramatic emotions I expressed back in January. On the other, well, I wrote as I did because I genuinely didn’t know how long it would take to heal myself and correct my unhealthy attitudes towards writing. That’s a process I’ll probably have to continue, repeating the steps now and again, as long as I’m on this Earth. For this turn of the cycle, at least, I feel ready to return to active storytelling.

The time away’s given me tons of time to settle on what I want from this series, and how I want to tackle it. So here’s the deal: my existence looks set to remain chaotic for the foreseeable future–it’s a hell of a time to be a trans woman-thing in America–and for the time being I’ll remain the only person working on Analogue Ruins, so I need to adjust my process. Analogue Ruins is a hobby. I work hard at it, I’m passionate about it, but it is and will remain a hobby.

Considering all that, I’m dropping any idea of a fixed release date for new chapters. They’re done when they’re done. When things are good for me, when the ideas are flowing fast, free, and joyful, I may release multiple chapters in quick succession. If times are rough or I’m working through part of the story that grapple with really heavy, complex, or deeply personal ideas, I’ll slow down.

Edit, same day at 6:40 PM EST: Chapter length! Almost forgot. I had intended to wrangle length down to a maximum of 3-4k words. I’ve realized that’s just not happening. I’m chaotic, this series is chaotic, how long a chapter ends up being depends purely on how much stuff I want to cram into it before I deem it’s done. The complex reasoning method I use to determine this “cram quota” is vibes. It’s about the vibe of what the chapter contains. So, uh… yeah, there’ll probably be some more 7-8k behemoth chapters in the future, though hopefully not too many ‘cuz my endurance remains factor.

As long as I’m around, I mean to keep playing out this series ’til it’s done. Thanks for stickin’ with me this far!



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